Stayfast Pro-UV

A week of gel stay and shine!

Stayfast Pro-UV Gel Nail Polish improves wear and shine results, getting the closest to professional gels, with no lamp required.
Creates an unbreakable double bond: nail to nail polish and nail polish to top coat to considerably increase colour resistance.
To be used as a system with dedicated top coat, so that the formula dries quickly to a film that is 30% harder and more resistant to breakage.

Enriched with unique patent-pending Wear Boosting Technology, to create amazingly strong bonds between the nail, the nail polish and the top coat.
The formula is totally safe and respectful to your nails.

Available in 8 shades: Baby Pink, Classic Red,  Mad Hatter, Magenta, Nougat, Praline, Rebel, SpringSheen and Top Coat.