Oatmeal combination skin range

Yardley oatmeal skincare range offers an easy maintenance solution to ensure a balanced and flawless complexion. The new cranberry & oat extract range has been clinically tested and promises to deliver a radiant new look for combination skin.

This easy skincare regime consists of a basic three-step programme:

  1. gentle cleansing gel
  2. balancing toner
  3. oatmeal balancing moisturiser

Give your skin a well-deserved boost with Yardley oatmeal’s hydrating facial mask which contains soothing oat actives and moisturising honey to hydrate and smooth your skin.

For an extra hydration boost, the range also offers a thirst quenching moisturiser and an oatmeal night cream with revitalising cranberry extract, moisturising oat proteins and omega 3 & 6 fatty acids.