Yardley Layers of Luxury

Yardley Female fragrance introduces an exciting new fragrance layering concept – Layers of Luxury! This concept offers a full fragrance and personal care solution with renowned Yardley fine fragrances including; Lace, White Satin, Gorgeous, Ballet and You’re the Fire, designed to make every  women feel beautiful and desirable.

The concept of fragrance layering allows for a stronger impact of your favourite Yardley fine fragrance products and to allow it to have lasting power.   With Yardley’s new fragrance product offering you are able to achieve just this!

Yardley Layers of Luxury product offering will be available in a 24-hour protection roll-on moisturising body lotion, perfumed body spray and eau de perfume or eau de toilettes in all of your favourite Yardley fragrance brands. Now with an improved formulation on all body lotions and roll-ons, promises you a more efficacious product.

The secret to effective fragrance layering is by applying a delicate layer of one product over another, luxurious layer upon layer, to achieve all day fragrance harmony. Layering allows you to build up longer lasting signature fragrance by combining layering products from your favourite Yardley fine fragrance range.  After a relaxing bath or shower apply your chosen Yardley roll-on and perfumed body spray to ensure a 24 hour confident day. Indulge with one of Yardley’s lightly scented, nourishing body lotions, leaving your skin beautifully hydrated and nourished. With a final touch of your favourite Yardley eau de parfum or eau de toilette you are ready to face the world with complete confidence while still feeling beautiful with your favourite scent for the rest of the day.

Yardley Layers of Luxury… all-day fragrance harmony

Products available in the following fragrance variants – Lace, White Satin, Gorgeous, Ballet and You’re the Fire.


Yardley’s Layers of Luxury fragrance range will be available from August 2012 at selected Foschini, Edgars, Red Square, Clicks and Dis-Chem stores, leading pharmacies and The Hub.

Yardley 15ml, 30ml and 50ml EDT/EDP only available in the Lace, White Satin and Ballet variant.

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