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Cinderella Sessions 1 – Day to Night Transition Make-up

In episode 1 of Cinderella Sessions, Monique Dankers gets shown how to swap subtle and natural day make up for a sexy and spectacular evening look. This is what the exquisite makeover entailed:

Carl started with Yardley Line Minimizer, this product erase and defuses fine lines so that foundation goes on smoother. In order to find the right concealer for your skin tone, Carl suggests you mix and match different colours to find your perfect match. Yardley Stayfast Foundation was then applied. To spread foundation evenly, use your fingers; the tip of your fingers warms up the product so that is spreads evenly. Finish the foundation off with Yardley Absolute Translucent Powder. Use only a little bit of powder to set the foundation in place so that you don’t over dehydrate your skin. For the “day-look” Carl used Retractable Eyeliner in White on the inside of the lid. He finished it off with the same product, but in Green. To add a bit more drama for the ultimate evening look, Carl replaced the White Retractable Eyeliner with Green and applied another layer of Shadow Stayfast in Olive Green. This was topped off with a double layer of mascara.

Watch the video below:

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